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What to expect

Classes at Pulse Barre Studio are 45 minutes long.

You can expect a fun, high energy, but low impact workout. Every class will properly warm up your body, and will give you a great full body strengthening and toning workout. By using the small isometric movements you can expect your muscles to fire up, your core to be fully worked, and your metabolism to be revved back up!

Make sure to listen to your body when you are taking class, and go at your own pace! If you need to make any modifications or take little breaks that is 100% allowed! Do what you can, and all of a sudden you'll see that huge change in your body, and in your strength!


Check in with your instructor and let us know that you are new, and/or if you have any injuries. Don't worry, we don't bite! We would love to give you a tour of the studio when you arrive and let you know any modifications to take if you have had any past injuries.

How to Be Prepared for class

Make sure to bring some water with you and to eat a light snack before coming to class.

What to wear - NO SHOES are allowed in the studio. We require wearing sticky bottom socks to help your feet grip the floor so you don't slide around. Don't have any sticky socks? Don't worry! We have some for sale in the boutique if you need a pair!

We also require wearing long or cropped workout pants to class. No shorts please!  Wearing longer pants will keep your muscles energized and warm and will help them work just a little harder. Embrace that shake!


Please arrive to the studio 10-15 minutes early so we can check you in, get paperwork filled out, and get you ready for class.  This also ensures that we can start class right on time to make sure we don't miss any precious barre time!!  


Be sure to bring your best self, on your A-game, ready to work hard, and remember to ALWAYS have FUN!  

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